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Kickboxing is a sport that takes the fundamentals of boxing and adds various forms of kneeing and kicking maneuvers. Requiring speed, agility, and coordination, kickboxing helps to improve muscular strength and overall physical fitness.


U.F.M.A also teaches Suntukan/Panantukan Filipino Boxing -a street style-oriented fighting system, which consists of upper body striking techniques which include punches, elbows, shoulder strikes, headbutts and limb destruction in combination with Sipaan which includes kicking & knee strikes.


Wing Chun is a Chinese Martial Arts Known for it's Rapid strikes, efficient movements & focuses on body alignment to make the srtikes effective and explosive.

It is a self-defence martial art focusing on speed and skill rather than size or strength. This makes Wing Chun ideal for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Wing Chun teaches practical techniques relying on touch sensitivity coupled with strong punches to exploit your opponent's weaknesses. Wing Chun was popularized by Sijo Bruce Lee and films like Ip Man.

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